lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

Giveaway winner!!!

Yes ladies, I won a giveaway!!!

My lovely friend An made a gorgeous giveaway with lots of cute things!!!
Last week I received it and I took some photos to my lovely new items!!! I was studying french for my exam when the packet arrived and this was like a energy shoot *O* It is the first time I win a giveaway so I was so excited. I opened the packet and, smiling like an idiot I read the super loovely letter An sent me (writen on a HK paper!!!! *w*)

Then I started to put everything out of the box xDDD I really loved ALL the things I just cant help but saying it again and again!!! I placed the items the best I could and here is the photoooo!!!

Some HK papers, two nailpolishes, a lovely agenda, a HK phone strap, a awesome pair of earrings, fuits for nailart, two false eyelashes and a little gift: a base sample! it is SO WONDERFUL! I used it this same day and it AMAZED ME!!!

I am so super happy I have a new thing creafted by An! She is an artist, isen't she?

I also HAVE to say I loved the boxes and the smell the red "wax" have and left in the whole packet!!! (sorry for the yellow part, It seems the image is damaged T_T but you can see the boxes, that is the important thing <---- I think that sounds a bit spanish construction xDDD)


PS: yes, I took the photos on the sofa, I was so anxious and I had to take the photos wherever I found!! They turned out pretty lovely xDDD)

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  1. Ahhh such lovely pictures!! And you're welcome!! I'm glad you like all the items and congrats again for winning!! Also glad you like the base!! I have a full tube of that sample and I love it! And the boxes too haha~ I had fun making and designing them~ :]

    :D And yay an English post xD I don't have to strain my brain this week ^^;; I been pretty stressed out lately with work and school ;o;

  2. k wai es una chulada *O*! k suerte yo nunca gano nada xDD